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Calpico (16.9 oz), also known as Calpis, is a Japanese non-carbonated beverage made from high quality non-fat milk through lactic acid fermentation. It is similar to yakult, kefir, or kumis in flavor but significantly lighter and more refreshing. The flavor is sweet and tangy with a hint of citrus and yogurt. Calpico comes in a variety of delicious flavors that are well-balanced and not too sweet.


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Add a little “Pop!” and “fizz” to your meal! Ramune is a fun and fizzy drink from Japan that comes uniquely packaged in a Codd-necck bottle that’s sealed with a marble. Once opened, the marble falls to the bottom of the bottle and rattles around for a drinking experience that children and adults alike will enjoy. Variety of flavors to choose from!! Try one today!